To promote professional Figure Skating in Baltic States Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

Series of competitions in order to find the strongest athletes in each age category (Chicks (Chicks Axel for Estonian classification) , Cubs, Basic Novice ,Novice Intermediate, Advanced Novice , Junior A

Baltic Elite Cup Final



UPDATES in Announcement!

BCES2018-19.Final.Ice Star Cup 2019 5-7.04.2019 – Tallinn, Estonia CANCELLED AS A PART OF BCSE EVENT !

Hope Cup 2019 13.04-14.04.2019 – Tartu,Estonia HAVE BEEN ADDED AS 12th EVENT OF BCSE !!!

The best scores from as minimum of 6 ( six ) – 4 ( four ) events will be counted as total Skater`s rating !!!

Baltic Elite Cup Competitions

Tartu Cup 2018

Ozo Winter Cup 2018

Tomas Cup 5th

Hope Cup 2019

Ventspils Perle 2018

Jelgava Cup 2019

Olafa Kauss 2019

Volvo Open Cup 37th ISU

Tomas Cup 4th

Lõunakeskus Trophy

Volvo Open Cup 37th NON ISU

Volvo Open Cup 38th

Silver Skate Cup 2019